Valley Apparel’s primary focus is the production of military style apparel. In its 17 year existence, Valley Apparel has manufactured over 3.3 million garments for the DOD. Our emphasis is on seam-sealed and fire resistant items, but we have made many types of outerwear, hoods, liners, and accessories. The seam sealed items that Valley Apparel has produced for DOD are the ECWCS Parka and Trouser for the US Army (Gen I, II, and III), APECS Parka and Trouser for the US Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Air Force, Chemical Protective Splash Suit and Security Police Jacket. Fire-Resistant items produced for DOD include the Navy Shipboard Jacket, CWU 45/P Nomex Flight Jacket, CWU 36/P Nomex Flight Jacket, and CVC Jacket. Additional items that we have extensive experience with are MA-1 Jackets, N-3B Jackets, and Liners.

We have current Government contracts with DLA-Troop Support for Gen III Layer 6 Jackets, Gen III Layer 6 Trousers, US Navy Working Parkas (Types I, II, and III), USMC APECS Parkas, USMC APECS Trousers, 36/P Flight Jackets, 45/P Flight Jackets, and AF APECS Trousers.

Valley Apparel LLC. Is one of the USA’s premier suppliers of Outerwear to not only the USA Military but to Militaries all over the world. Valley Apparel is also one of the largest domestic USA suppliers of Outerwear to foreign Militaries friendly and approved by the US government for export. Demand for the authentic Valley Apparel products continues to grow internationally as we are a true, regular, approved, and current supplier to the Armed Forces.

Valley Apparel LLC, prides itself on its ability to accept many challenges to help the Military, which includes working with both USA and Foreign Militaries in New Product development. Valley Apparel is always making an effort to stay on the forefront of new clothing and apparel technologies working with other leaders in the field such as W.L. Gore, Dupont and others. Our current product line reflects the best available Military Outerwear available anywhere in the world.

We also have experience with private label and special projects, so contact us to discuss your custom project.